The Movement


                            ‘I just want to be the best I can’

These are some resonating words from a recent campaign led by GenerationOne. Why should it be more challenging for a person to achieve their goals just because they are an Indigenous Australian?

Whilst the statistics can be depressing we can’t afford to feel hopeless about the situation at hand. With an abundance of resources and infrastructure compared to most of the world, we need to be reminded that we really do have the capacity to make a real change.

Where there is a will there is a way.

GenerationOne was launched under the Rudd government (2010) to make an end to the inequality. By advocating for more sustainable job opportunities for Indigenous Australians, GenerationOne hopes to break the vicious cycle of unemployment, poverty and injustice.

We can all get involved in some way or another. Whether that may be inspiring family or friends to participate, volunteering with a variety of organisations such as GenerationOne, or donating money to campaigns, all of our efforts count. Blogs, news, forums and other online resources are a great and time efficient way to inform ourselves.

Be more proactive, inform yourself, and become a part of the movement.

Start by visiting for more statistics and information on becoming more culturally aware.


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