Global wealth-inequality at a larger scale

‘bring power back to the people , and change the rules that create inequality and poverty around the world’ (The Rules, 2014)

With the power of technology to spread awareness about the injustices that exist around the world, non government organisations and grass roots advocacy groups are emerging.

One such group which works as a series of networks spread across the world, is ‘The Rules’ (see the link below for access to their current web page). Independent from major corporations, these groups have arisen from the minds of genuinely passionate, community driven individuals, who are focused on improving the lives of the poor and marginalised. Campaigns are run from multiple countries, and promote inclusivity of individuals as well as communities.

The campaigns are essentially run by 70 or so people worldwide. Despite being a small number of people, the international and diverse nature of this decentralised team affords a less rigid approach to advocate  social justice. Members are from a variety of backgrounds and can contribute a wide set of skills and knowledge to the campaigns.


link: The Rules-a group demanding change and a stop to the social injustices of today




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