Poor access to health services: ways Ethiopia is overcoming it

The limited distribution systems and weak infrastructure in low-income countries limit access to health services, particularly in rural areas.1

  • relatively few and widely dispersed government health outlets
  •  Private-sector sources often favour wealthier urban areas which result in uneven available service within a country.1
  • Reproductive health is generally poor in Ethiopia, with significant regional disparities in access to services and in health outcomes.1

Improving health in Ethiopia requires:

  • Improving in physical infrastructure
  • Strengthening primary health care system
  • Decentralising health service provision
  • Require major investments and time
  • Mobilising, educating and training communities and individuals1
  • Pay attention to quality of services, strengthening community participation
  • Provide reproductive and other health services through primary health care facilities1
  1. Population Action International (USA). Poor Access to Health Services: Ways Ethiopia is Overcoming it [Internet]. Washington, DC (USA): Population Action International (USA); 2007 [updated 2007 April; cited 2014 Mar 23]. Available from: http://populationaction.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Health_Services.pdf

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